Collaborate with ColMed to Conduct Medical Camps


Some 2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year, the worst situation among 136 nations studied for a report published in The Lancet. An equal number die due to late diagnosis or no diagnosis in first place. There have been instances when the diagnostic tests have been found faulty leading to wrong treatment. This is extremely alarming.  


We at ColMed are committed to partnering with Healthcare Professionals to perform medical camps, across the country, through our team of experts spread across India.  We supply rented medical equipment at a very economical cost, required for the camp, along with all possible consumables needed. This ensures, no one has to bear any excess burden, thus improving patient outcomes due to better compliance.

 Benefits for you by partnering with us:

A. Avoid acquisition and maintenance cost on equipment

B. Diverse & Latest equipment availability to meet immediate needs

C. Personnel support On Site

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